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Yukimura Chizuru (OC) | Hijikata Toshizo | Okita Souji | Saito Hajime | Todo Heisuke | Sanosuke Harada | Kazama Chikage | Susumu Yamazaki | Nagumo Kaoru | etc.


~Sweet School Life~

Spring — seasons of fluttering sakura petals and the beginning of new love!

Yukimura Chizuru knock the gate of the infamous private academy in Tokyo, Hakuo Academy which has always been an all-boy's school.  Thus, the beginning of her first year as the only female in the school.


After her father, Yukimura Kodou, deceased soon after she finished middle school, Chizuru had to move to Tokyo and was taken by the Nagumo family, which is the family who took her twin brother after their parents divorced when they were ten years old. Meeting her old childhood friend as their neighbor is a perk that she couldn't hide as he help her to enroll in his school. Thought it's an all-boy's school, the school is finally opening it's gate to take females as their students. 

However, since the school is still new to co-educational, the majority of students are still boys and Chizuru is the only girl enrolled in the school!



Yukimura Chizuru

Our lovely heroine who has just lost her beloved father and was taken to her mother's family, the Nagumo at Tokyo. Since she is the only girl enrolled in the school, she instantly become the center of attention. In which, brought her twin brother, Nagumo Kaoru, pissed off by the boys who always wanted to hit on his twin sister.


Todou Heisuke

Chizuru's old childhood friend who once attended the same kindergarden and elementary school with her in Nagasaki before he moved to Tokyo during the last year of their elementary year. Fate brought them together again as a neighbor of the Nagumo and he is responsible for introducing Hakuo Academy to Chizuru. He likes to play video games until he can stay up until the sun rise and set for a day just to finish a game and that explain why his father drag him to Hakuo Academy Kendo Club.


Okita Souji

The senpai that love making fun of people and spitting out sarcastic and violent words to everyone. He, Chizuru and Heisuke are neighbor and live across of the Nagumo's house. Due to his weak physical, he intends to join the Kendo club to regain train himself and to regain strenght again. He likes taking picture with his cellphone and to tease the discipline teacher as he like to see his pissed of face.


Saitou Hajime

The stone-faced senpai that belongs in the Discipline Committee. He is naturally quiet and a man of few words, but everyone question his closeness to Okita, who is loud and talkative. His respect towards the discipline teacher could not be describe by words as he would do anything he said, even jumping into a pit of lava, he would. He is in a Kendo club with Okita, in which he become the captain and Okita is his assistance. Despite his emotionless face, he has a soft spot for cats.


Yamazaki Susumu

The serious classmate of Chizuru and the class representive. He is always straight forward with his words, and is not really in good terms with Okita as he always pissed him off. He also worked under the Health Committee.


Ibuki Ryunosuke

A first year and classmate of Kaoru. That delinquent looking boy that every students in school feared. He is not basically a delinquent, just his looks made him look like one. He is the same as Saitou, a man of few words and is a shy person, especially with girls. He intend to blush immediately when Chizuru talked to him.


Kazama Chikage

The President of Student Council and a third year. Sarcastic like Okita but more in a mean way. He takes the like of Chizuru at the first sight and chasing her just to ask her to be his girlfriend, even it cost money. Chizuru will always avoid him and he will always follow her everywhere even she turned him down right after that.


Nagumo Kaoru

Chizuru's twin brother who was taken by her mother's family when their parents divorced. He always give the cold shoulder to Chizuru thought she always wanted to get closer to him. He is the only person to object Chizuru's enrollment in Hakuo Academy and his reason are merely "she will only bring troubles there!". However, when the boys are trying to get closer to Chizuru, he will be pissed off and somewhat saving her from the situation. He belongs in the Discipline Committee with Saitou.


Hijikata Toshizou

The discipline and Second year homeroom teacher. He is known by his "Demon" like teaching style and "Hell" school rules but always being break by the students, especially Okita and the school staff is no exception as they keep breaking the rules too, causing Hijikata headache everyday. He love Japanese Haiku like to the moon and back and he has a complete collection of Haikus in his apartment despite being only a mere Classic Literature teacher.


Harada Sanosuke

The P.E teacher that always broke the rules "No running in the hallway!" everyday when he was late for his homeroom class. He was labeled as the casanova teacher as Harada always hitting on the woman outside from school. Since there is no female staff inside Hakuo Academy, he try to hit on Chizuru when she first enrolled.


Nakagura Shinpachi

The popular teacher among student and always wearing a jumpsuit thought he teach Math, not P.E. 


Sannan Keisuke

The school nurse and the Health advisor. He teach Chemistry and Biology. A soft-spoken person and always calm when Nakagura sensei bursted into his lab and broke a few of his things.


Isami Kondou

Hakou Academy Principle.



Hijikata's fiance that always bothering him when he is on or off from work.


Suzuka Sen

Chizuru's best friend from Kyoto who transferred to the school later after Chizuru told her she's being the only girl in school.


Shiranui Kyou

Kazama's classmate and the secratary of Student council. A third year student and always seen following Kazama everywhere. Quiet but full of mischief.


Amagiri Kyuuji

The Vice President of Student Council and a third year student. Kazama's childhood friend and act like a brother to him as he would lecture on Kazama everytime he misbehaved.


A twisted story of Hakouki where everyone gets the romance.

No blood, swords or ronins.

Just some moe moe school romance and on top of that—alive!

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