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by Turtle-Mei
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I woke up once again. In a different room. I felt like a different person. The soft sound of pattering rain hit the windows opposite me. The rhymic sound of a machine beeping was by my side. I was breathing into a machine. I felt like a robot. Someone who could only be switched on. And off.


She is just a little girl. But she was born with a condition where she can't choose to stay alive or dead.

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nightlife6081  on says:
This sounds really interesting! Looking forward to it~

lastrainhome  on says:
Woah, woah, woah. This sounds so damn interesting & I love the title ;A;

water_lilly  on says:
ooo~ Interesting one jeff! Can't wait for this to start kicking!... Please excuse my randomness me matey... O_O;;

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