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This is my first fiction story. I hope you don't mind my english as it's not my first language. :)

I'm predicting this is going to be long story, starting from the time they resumed their school after summer holidays ended. It's more of a daily & slice of life kind of story between adults and family.

So, I hope you bear with me through the journey of Hiro & the people around him.


"I'm sorry for not guiding you properly in life. I didn't manage to become an example, a good brother, someone whom you wish you could be proud of."
Hiro held Daisuke's hand as both were having a private conversion somewhere in the hospital park.

Daisuke could only stared at their hands and remained silent. He didn't know what to say nor how to react to his words.
All these while, Hiro has only caused him pain and anger. Being teased and bullied everyday, to Daisuke, was like a hell

But now all have stopped and his life gradually became empty.

Hiro was not the same as he used to be.

In addition, he had to witness the cruelty of the illness that slowly ate his brother away.

Daisuke felt numb yet he was yelling inside.

"Have you ever regretted having me as your younger brother?" asked Daisuke.

Hiro looked at Daisuke gently.

"No. Not at all."




Description of the Family:

It's about Inoue family who is currently residing in Osaka. The family consists of their parents, eldest brother, Daichi, second brother, Hiroaki & the youngest Daisuke. Daichi is currently working in Tokyo and has not been back home since his university graduation. He would occasionally sent letters or called home when he feels like.

Daisuke, the youngest, the grumpy, grouchy and quite introvert, grew up emotional detached from his brothers. He's 11 years apart from Daichi and he was just 9 when he graduated so their brotherly relationship were almost non-existent. Meanwhile, his relationship with Hiroaki is not on good terms due to Hiro's constant bullying and his extremity of his jokes ticks him off. Everytime, he became his victim and found himself helpless as he have no one to turn to except his close friends whom he's able to open up to.

Hiroaki or Hiro, the second child, the joker, bully, quite clumsy yet mysterious to some people, loves to play around with his brother although he knew he didn't like them. He continued, ignoring his pleas to stop because he was addicted to it. He has this ability to pass his tests without really studying hard unlike those top students but even so, he remained humble. With his carefree personality, sometimes people wonder if this guy encountered any problems in his life.

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