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Pocelaine + other OCs



Pocelaine knows she is of the royal bloodline. She has been granted permission to live among normal citizens since she was a child, with the promise that she will come back to the palace and learn royal etiquette when she turns 18.


Years passed and an unexpected event took place, forcing Pocelaine to cut short her last 2 years and come back early to the palace.


Being 16 and stubborn, Po starts showing dissatisfaction living as royalty--for she states, "If you can't keep your promise, I won't bother to keep mine."




"I watched Princess Diary. I know what this means. You're trying to force me into an arranged marriage with some noble man I've never met."


"That, you are correct. However, there is more, your highness."


"And what is it?"


"You were being watched by someone."


"Watch me? For what?"


"We are not sure. For now, we assume it is the same reason they targeted your sister."


"What happened to my sister?"


"Attempt assassination."


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