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yourself, your boyfriend


"I need you . Please stay here . I'll help you with everything. A job,a house,everything you just name it" 


"You don't understand. I need to get out of this place! "


"Yeah I don't understand but understand this,I need you . "


"It's done . I'm out of here ."





This place wrecks me apart. I'm nothing here . I couldn't even help my own boyfriend,Carl. Being here and being able to see the changes in life that happens here tears me apart. I need to get out. I need to be with the things I see in my future. With only one choice,I'll be fleeing the country . 


"Alice! Why can't you understand that I need you ? I need you to help me go through all of this hectic life . We've been together ever since we were 14 and it never ended there ." Carl,my boyfriend as he ran over to me as I was practically leaving him.

"Get off! You might need me but I don't need you. Who cares about how long we've been together ? I don't need that anymore. I'm breaking up with you . That't final ". 


Packing my stuff and getting my passport ready . Yeah this is the time to change . I'll move and you might not remember me again . 

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nevergetmewrong  on says:
the description got me on the edge of my seat- when will you post the first chapter?

bluebutterfly  on says:
The description seems interesting. I wonder what actually happen.
Is it Carl fault that Alice runaway or is it just Alice who don't love Carl anymore

Anggie  on says:
Carl seemed like a good boyfriend, I wonder why Alice left him. Did she really not love him anymore or was it for his own good?

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