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by 0-milk
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title: I.N.V.U
author: 0-milk
length: long chaptered
rating: PG-13
characters: Zeus Diamond, Dani Kawashima, Ellyse Williams
The moment Dani is kicked out of her own house because of her novelist mother going to Italy, Dani is stuck with the Diamond family. With the commoner parents of Zeus Diamond, known as a complete womanizer by Dani's friend, Cristal's, view,  Dani often finds herself caught up in slightly fantasy-like schemes and romantic entanglements of her friends and Zeus with herself, the 'normal' family of the Diamonds seem to hide a few secrets from everyone.



author's note
posted by: 0-milk
hello~ this is 0-milk (Sunyoung) with her first story on Fanfic Overflow! ^^ Um... I'm also a long-time user of Asianfanfics since 2014 OK, maybe it's not that long, but whatever
So, this is inspired by a manhwa with the same title, but it never got finished up to volume 5, and God knows when they'll release the 6th series. So, I created my version, lol.
Anyway, let's hope you guys enjoy this ^^


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