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Jungkook, Jina (OC), Yugyeom, Lami (OC), others


Jungkook is considered the most popular guy in school. He had what a common and normal person wish to have: Popularity, friends and, a beautiful girlfriend.He was also known as the bad boy of the school, breaking rules and doing whatever he pleased. But the true is... he wasn't happy at all.


At home, his parents ignore him all day and always nag at him, and that made him go under depression but he always hid it to his friends and girlfriend, pretending that he was fine. He never felt the love from them, not even once, not even in his childhood. The only person who gives him love was his girlfriend. But that will change when his girlfriend cheats on him with his now ex-best friend.


Feeling that everything sunk under his shoulders, he couldn't take it anymore and run away from home. While being away from home, he gets in trouble, being on fights and drinking. After he ends up in a fight, he is being beaten, which ended in a total mess. After the fight, a thought popped up into his mind. As he crossed the path, he stopped in the middle of the road and looked up to see a car coming to his way. Feeling ready to leave this world, he closes his eyes and wait for the impact. Suddenly he feels someone pushing him to the ground.


Opening his eyes, he realzed that he was still alive. Anger travelled in his veins since he didn't want to live anymore. As he turned around and was about to yell when he saw a girl staring at her with concern in her eyes.


- " Are you okay? ". She asked.



And that will be the beginning of the story about the boy who tries to fight for his life and get away from the depression and anxiety.





Note: Inspired in the MV's I Need U of BTS. I really loved the song AND both music videos. So I decided to write a fanfic related to this MV. :) 





Jeon Jungkook:


• 18 years old.

• The typical bad boy and popular guy of the school.

• He had everything: Popularity, friends and, a girlfriend.

• His parents don't really care about him and physically and emotionally hurt him.

• His girlfriend cheats on him with his best friend.





Ahn Jina 


• 18 years old.

• The typical quiet yet sociable girl.

• Has a normal life with normal friends.

• Her parents got divorce and she lives with her mother.

• She has a secret that nobody knows aside from her best friends and her mother.





Kim Yugyeom


• 18 years old.

• Jungkook's ex-best friend.

• He steals Jungkook's girlfriend.

• Known as the troublemaker and player of the school.

• From a wealthy family (his father is the CEO of Kim's Global Communications & Technology)






Jung Lami


• Jungkook's ex-girlfriend.

• She cheats on him with Yugyeom.

• She just dated Jungkook because of his fame.

• Known as the most beautiful and popular girl of the school.

• She has two personalities. ( She is sweet and nice to the adults and her boyfriend, but cruel and evil to the weak people).

• She used to bully Jina.

• Her father runs a nightclub in Gangnam.







The Dark Pantherns:


Jungkook's true friends


Kim Mingyu


• 18 years old.



Lee Jun Young (a.k.a JUN)


• 18 years old.



Jung Jaehyun


• 18 years old.





Yugyeom's friends





• 18 years old.




Goo Jun Hoe


• 18 years old.


Lee Jae Joon (a.k.a Maru)


• 18 years old.






Jina's bestfriends


Hwang Tia 


• 18 years old.

Ryu Sujeong 


• 18 years old.


Choi Yuju 


• 18 years old.





The White Cheetahs


Lami's best friends


Jung Eun Ha


• 18 years old.



Kim Chanmi


• 18 years old.

Choi Yoon Su a.k.a New Sun 


• 18 years old.






Kim Yoo Ri


• 35 years old.

• Jina's mother.

• Works as an office employer in Yugyeom's father company.




NOTE: Please, do not plagiarism this fanfic. 


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