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by TalviLaulu
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Ville(OC), Anja (OC)


In here, I don't know time.  It's like it stopped.
I can't count the hours as they go by.  I can only count the number of times that my eyes meet her darkened ones and how many wounds, old and new, that cover my body.
This game that we play, I'm sick of it.



            I wrote this with my brother some time ago.  We wanted to write a first-person that required us to not only go into the main character's head, but to go into the other character's as well.  Though it does not show very well in the actual story, we had to think of two different stories in order to write just this one how we planned it.  It took a number of drafts to get this story just the way we wanted, to give off the correct feelings, and to really get into the main character's head.  Originally, this was going to be a simple drabble, but once we started writing it we got so into it that we ended up telling more than we first expected.  But we're not complaining.  A lot of things changed here and there between drafts, but we're quite happy with the end results and we both hope you enjoy it, too!  Comments are loved and constructive criticism is both welcomed and encouraged!

             Also, please take note that there are possible trigger warnings!

             Thank you! 

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