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We humans have only one life.



Even through the sufferings and hardships we face everyday, we still have to cherish our lives because we only have one life. And once we die, there is no turning back






What if suddenly wake up in unfamiliar room?



What if we suddenly meet a doctor of the dead?



What if we were suddenly given the chance to finish the businesses we have left undone?



What if we had to choose from continuing your life or starting anew?




What if we were given a second chance?







Name: Pierce Hawthorne

Age: 23

Date of Birth: March 31

Date of Death: June 6

Family: Wife & two sons

Background: Pierce was a young and dedicated marine. He had a wife whom he loved and two sons whom he adored. He was content with life and even through the ups and downs was able to be happy, but that did not last long. Shortly after their youngest son’s fifth birthday, he was assigned to a 5-year term. After the finishing those five years he returned only to find out that his wife cheated on him and that she even gave birth to a young girl, his step-daughter. He was devastated; realizing that the wife whom he loved so dearly left him for another. Three days after his arrival, his wife asked him for a divorce. His heart shattered into a million pieces. He committed suicide.

Cause of Death: Gun shot on the right temple.


Name: Alexander Blackwood

Date of Birth: January 24

Date of Death: April 6

Family: Mother, father, & two older sisters

Background: Alexander is known as a genius. He smart in all academic subjects but, fails in practical subjects such as Physical Education and Home Economics. He is a college student in Harvard and is on the top of his class, but is bullied by his colleagues due to their jealousy. During his second year in the university, he joined a fraternity and participated in an initiation ceremony. He was humiliated in the initiation ceremony. When word spread out, everyone in the whole school found out about it, even his sisters found out. His parents disowned him due to him being an embarrassment to the family. Not being able to take the depression, he committed suicide by hanging himself.

Cause of Death: Strangulation


Name: Nathan Howell

Date of Birth: October 15

Date of Death: January 6

Family: Mother

Background: Nathan was a school drop-out. He dropped out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a star. His mother disapproved at first, but after seeing her son with great determination she finally agreed. He was able to land a successful job in an idol group. He was the most loved by their fans and his members did not like it. He was never like by any of his members and most of the time harassed by them. When the members finally got sick of him they decided to get rid of him by making it seem like an accident. When Nathan was going home with his mother from the market, a car came by and ran over him while his mother watched in agony.

Cause of Death: Hit by a car


Name: Dandre Gilette

Date of Birth: February 6

Date of Death: May 6

Family: Mother & father

Background: Dandre is an incredibly kind and caring person. He is known in his hometown for his kindness and talent in dancing. He is also very close to his little sister. Living in a house full of expectations, he and his little sister work hard to live up to them, but their parents were very strict that just making a mistake could be fatal. Unluckily, his little sister did make a mistake and was punished greatly, but because she had a weak body she did not last long. She died during her parents’ punishment and this drove Dandre insane. He loved his sister greatly and believed that he could survive the world just as long as his sister was with him. He tried to kill his parents for what they did, however, he was killed instead. His parents pushed him down the stairs.

Cause of Death: Concussion


Name: Oz Caldwell

Date of Birth: April 19

Date of Death: July 6

Family: Wife

Background: Oz was a wealthy man. He had a lot of money, but he did not abuse it, instead, he would give it away to the less fortunate. But, his wife did not like it. His wife was abusive and selfish. At some nights she would bring men to their home to sleep with them. She never loved Oz. She only loved his money. When Oz finally decided to get annulled, his wife became enraged because she would lose all of that money so she did what she had to do. Kill her husband to keep his money.

Cause of Death: Multiple stabs on the heart


Name: Reynard Klein

Date of Birth: June 28

Date of Death: September 6

Family: N/A

Background: Reynard was an orphan; his parents died in an accident and he was forced to work at a young age to survive. He worked hard each day. He was able to finish college and find a decent job. He was now living a good life; he had a home, a job, money, and a girl whom he loved. He had been going out with her for five years and he had finally decided to propose to her, but their happiness did not last. Due to a series of events, his girlfriend was raped right before his eyes. He struggled to save her but, there were too many men. The men beat him up, up until he died.

Cause of Death: Beaten to death


Name: Alice Clow

Date of Birth: February 29

Date of Death: N/A

Family: N/A

Background: Unknown

Cause of Death: N/A


Name: James “Jae” Arendell

Date of Birth: December 24

Date of Death: March 6

Family: N/A

Background: Unknown

Cause of Death: Burned alive






“Once up a time, a long time ago, Zeus ordered Hephaestus (Aphrodite's husband) to make him a daughter. It was the first woman made out of clay. Hephaestus made a beautiful woman and named her Pandora. 

Zeus sent his new daughter, Pandora, down to earth so that she could marry Epimetheus, who was a gentle but lonely man. 

Zeus was not being kind. He was getting even. Epimetheus and Prometheus were brothers. Zeus was mad at one of the brothers, Prometheus, for giving people fire without asking Zeus first.  

Zeus gave Pandora a little box with a big heavy lock on it. He made her promise never to open the box. He gave the key to Pandora’s husband and told him to never open the box. Zeus was sure that Epimetheus' curiosity would get the better of him, and that either Epimetheus or his brother would open the box. 

Pandora was very curious. She wanted to see what was inside the box, but Epimetheus said no. Better not. "You know your father," Epimetheus sighed, referring to Zeus. "He’s a tricky one."

One day, when Epimetheus lay sleeping, Pandora stole the key and opened the box.

Out flew every kind of disease and sickness, hate and envy, and all the bad things that people had never experienced before. Pandora slammed the lid closed, but it was too late. All the bad things were already out of the box. They flew away, out into the world.

Epimetheus woke up at the sound of her sobbing. “I opened the box and all these ugly things flew out,” she cried. “I tried to catch them, but they all got out.” Pandora opened the box to show him how empty it was. But the box was not quite empty. One tiny bug flew quickly out before Pandora could slam the lid shut again. 

“Hello, Pandora,” said the bug, hovering just out of reach. “My name is Hope.” With a nod of thanks for being set free, Hope flew out into the world, a world that now held Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease – and Hope.”

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