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Original Characters


This is the tale of the last generation of the vampire kingdom to ever existed in the history of human beings. He was the last and he wanted to survive. But the curse flowing in his blood, gnawing his every existence was alive and excruciatingly painful, even for his kind.

He wasn't able to love.

For years, he had been trying to stay and lurk in the darkness, avoiding the morning sunlight, the touch of people's fingertips, and the graze of others' skin. He could've give up but he needed to protect the last of the last drop of his own kind.

"For you have sin, I will now curse you and your generation forever on to not be able to love and for you and your generation forever on to feel the pain of a broken heart and watch your reflection on the water so pitifully that you'll spit your own blood instead of drinking others."


That's right. As soon as he fell in love with his soulmate, he would vanished. 


1695... 1708... 1723... 1752... 1787... 1834... 1859... 1882... 1903... 1931... 1962... 1986... 1994... 2005... 2016

Will the counting and suffering now ends? Or will it be the new beginning of counting and suffering?



Genre: Romance, Vampire, Fiction

Warning: 15+ (bloods)

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