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     Ally Winston wakes up everyday thinking that she's trash. She looks in the mirror, and all she sees are flaws. Not the flaws that make someone better, but the ugly kind of flaws. She looks into the mirror, and she sees a fat, ugly, monsterous girl. 

     At school she is alone and is bullied. It's time for a change. She decides to move away for three years. She'll go on a diet, use acne cream, and get better. She'll return back to her hometown on her senior year of high school.

      She's back and everyone loves her. Well, only because they don't remember her. Afterall, it's been three long years. She has it all friends, good grades, and popularity. Yet somehow, she feels empty. She doesn't feel right. She doesn't feel like herself. The old Ally loves comics and cosplaying. It's completely different from the new, fashion loving, Ally. 

        Isn't this what she wanted? Everyone loves her; Now she has to learn how to love herself.


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