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Dayoon's pov I dont want to go to the club i said to my friends but they said I must go with them so i will go with them they are 18 years old and i am 17 years old but yeah i break up with my boyfriend he cheat on me and i wanted to go out. 3.persons pov Dayoon and her friends went to the club and there Dayoon meet other of her friends friends. We sat and talked a little bit and then a guy with tattoos and abs talked to Dayoon he was so sexy Hi i am jay park and i am 22 years old said jay park and then Dayoon said Hi sunbae i am Dayoon and i am 17 years old. OH i am 5 years older than you thats ok said jay park What du you mean said Dayoon nothing said jay park . All of their friends danced but Dayoon and Jay park sat jay park looked at Dayoon all the time. Dayoon got drunk and Jay park wanted it so he said to his friends that he and Dayoon are going and then they went to a hotel room. Jay park and Dayoon went to the bed jay park was on Dayoon he kissed her collarbone his hand in her shirt...... Dayoons pov I wake up and saw jay park on the bed with me we didnt have clothes on us i know we did "it" and what am I doing i was scared. Jay parks pov I wake up and didnt see Dayoon i think she left but i wasnt drunk i liked her and i am going to take responsibility. 3 persons pov Dayoon went Home crying she didnt want to tell her family what she did they will be angry. AFTER A WEEK Dayoon vomited and eat much she told her best friend forever to meet at a café Dayoon couldnt told anyone about this but she will tell her best friend forever. AT the café Dayoon what is it said Dayoons bff Min ( Dayoons friend namne) i think i am pregnant. What with Who do you sleep said min Jay park but i was drunk said Dayoon Jay park and Dayoons friend was friends but min was sad about her bff. Lets go do the pregnacy test said min ok said yumi. The bought the pregnacy test and Dayoon did it and she was pregnant. 3 persons pov Dayoon cried in her friend arm and her friend was sad but she tought that she will tell jay park about this he will take responsibility. I am going i will come later ok Dayoon said min Ok said Dayoon Min went to jay parks house and their she saw jay park kissing his girlfriend but she went in . Hi min said jay park YAH JAY PARK TAKE RESPONSIBILITY said min . For what said jay park. You know my bff Dayoon yes he said You sleept with her so take responsibility she is pregnant and if her parents know the will kill her so take responsibility for herand the child. Jay was so shocked his girlfriend said what can he do she can do a abortion ARE YOU CRAZY she will not do it he is responsibile too His Child is in her belly not you. She has all the pain not you too said min and before she go out from his house min said jay i know you are going to be responsibile she is only 17 years old dont do that to her she isnt a adult and she has a kid in her stomach she cried much and i know you was not drunk when you did it with her said min and went out from his house.


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