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OC (Jung Yoon Ha) , Park Seojoon (Hwarang cast) , Lee Joongi (Moon Lover cast)


"You have to realize that some people can stay in your heart,

but not in your life."


"Yes, but distance gives us a reason to love harder,





"No! You have to go now!" shouted Seojoon as he shut the door after Joongi came in, Yoon Ha was shaking madly when those people outisde scream for help. They were having a great night, counting the stars while joking around when suddenly the royal troops came and stabbed their swords unto the innocent men. Luckily, they managed to hid inside an old house, hoping that no one saw them. The three of them hid themselves in the corner while breathing heavily, sweats covered their faces. Yoon Ha reached for her ears while biting her lips, preventing herself from screaming when someone kicked the door, trying to get inside while shouting. 

"NO!" Yoon Ha cried.

Joongi, also panicked, grabbed the nearest and biggest piece of wood then slammed it against the rusty window, "Yoon Ha- listen to me." he then said after he broke the window, cupping both of Yoon Ha's wet cheeks, "Everything's gonna be alright, okay? You have to go now." He forced a smile through his shaky lips.

"SHE HAS TO GO NOW, JOONGI." Shouted Seojoon, he has his back pressed against the wooden door, trying his best to buy some time, he know that sooner or later, they'll be caught. Too many people outside and there were only three of them inside, "NOW."

Joongi cursed under his breath before he lifted Yoon Ha's tiny body and throw her out through the window. Her body landed pretty hard on the ground but she stood up as soon as possible, reaching her hand out, wanting to help her two friends out as well. Her eyes rounded in confussion as no one hold her hand, "What are you guys doing? Hurry!" She whispered.

Seojoon sighed in relief, and Joongi as well. Both of them were relieved that Yoon Ha was no longer with them, for now. Joongi pointed at a big tree, far away from where they were hiding, on the hill, "We'll meet you there. You have to go now."

Yoon Ha shooked her head, eyes rounded in terror, "No way, I'm not leaving witho-"

"NOW!" Shouted Seojoon and Joongi. It took seconds before Yoon Ha began to run as fast as she can, hoping and praying that her friends will be alright. "Please, don't die. You can't die." Whispered Yoon Ha while wiping her tears, panting as she made her way towards the tree Joongi was pointing at.

Yoon Ha had no idea what just happened, she had waited for hours under the tree, massaging her sore legs.

She waits, and waits..

But both, Seojoon and Joongi never came back..

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