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Jack Frost, Mother Nature (OC), Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, North


Spring has come to Burgess, much to the elation of Jamie and his sister. While on a springtime jaunt with his best friend Jack Frost, who will be leaving shortly to spread winter weather elsewhere, Jamie stumbles across an unexpected and alarming sight: Pitch Black, hatching an evil scheme! The time has come for the Guardians to rise again, for Pitch has an even more diabolical plan in works this time around. He plans to rob the world of its life, and turn it into a dark and desolate wasteland in which he is supreme ruler. With a new ally, the Guardians set out to stop Pitch Black from realizing his ambition.


The torrential, chaotic downpour of a waterfall echoed through the spacious cave as a young maiden walked around the bend of the secret passageway leading into the hidden room carved into the cliff side underneath the cascading water. She wore a simple yet elegant white dress, the kind that was cut higher in the front but fell in waves in the back, with no sleeves, only simple straps. Colorful flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes adorned the neckline of her clothing, and carried into her beautiful golden hair. Her forehead was adorned with bright green tree leaves, which accented her eyes, with shone with every shade of the color known to existence. Her skin was exquisitely pale, and she seemed to radiate with a soft white light. In her hands she held a simple bow of cherry wood, and on her back was strapped a quiver of simply made arrows adorned with bird feathers.

As she walked into her home, it was a sight to see, for the cave held a secret haven for all things that grew on the earth. The floor was in fact rich soil, and gave rise to towering redwoods, twisting oaks, crawling vines, and all manners of flowers, ferns, and shrubs. The maiden made her way to a small cottage situated in the center of the spacious cave. High above it, there was a large hole carved into the rock ceiling, allowing the light to shine down and bathe the cave in rich light. The girl removed her quiver and set it on the ground, and leaned her bow next to the door. She smiled softly as a few chittering squirrels scurried across the ground and to her side. She then frowned at their alarmed nature, and seemingly listened to what the frightened creatures had to say; then, with a gasp, she looked up to the gap in the rock ceiling, for it had grown incredibly dark. A shadow passed over it, bathing the cave in darkness, but it was as gone as quickly as it had come. The girl, as if she had received an omen of impending doom, hurriedly retreated into her forest hideaway.

Meanwhile, far, far away, Jack Frost was on his way to Burgess, unaware that he was about to embark on an another great yet perilous adventure.

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chantrea49  on says about chapter 5:
Omg. I love just SEEING THEM TOGETHER. Hahahahah, I'm such a fangirl but I am getting all fuzzy imagining their future relationship! I love the story so far~ Good work! :)

chantrea49  on says about chapter 3:
LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Omg. I am already imagining them together and the cute twist of their relationship. LOOOL. Sorry, crazy fangirl here. Thanks for the update!

chantrea49  on says:
I've only ready your foreword but I love it. You're amazing!

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