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introduction"let's just say, some things are better left untouched." 

Our story takes place roughly Seventy Years after the first warriors of Lyoko shut off the super computer, having successfully beaten X.A.N.A. 
The original warriors had made sure that no remains were left of the time they spent on Lyoko or anything that had relevance to it. 
X.A.N.A had been weakened, and there was just no way that anybody would ever discover him again. Little did they know, that there was still a part of X.A.N.A that did manage to escape, and jump into a computer base much more stronger than the lab in france. It had taken X.A.N.A Seventy Years to regain his composure; and now that he's done so, this marks the start of a brand new revolution. 

Code Lyoko: Reborn. 

This time, X.A.N.A was re-awaken, and along with him, the Original Lyoko Warriors souls inside seven new warriors. The fight to save the world is now commencing. 

rules and guidelines

oo1. Subscribe if you're going to apply. Upvoting is loved! <3
oo2. The bashing and plagerizing of other applicants is not tolerated. It will result in a void in your application and you will not be allowed to apply for any of my stories again.
oo3. Make sure you've read the cheatsheet, I took time out of my day to write it, and if you want a better chance at being accepted well it's called a cheat sheet for a reason ^^
oo4. You can apply twice!
oo5. If your character is chosen, please comment every so often so that I know you're still reading!
oo6. Have fun applying~

author's note

As you can tell, I've based this story off of Code: Lyoko. If you don't know what code lyoko is, then I'll explain it here. 

At first, jeremie finds the supercomputer. (keep in mind, jeremie is like a major nerd ) and he finds a whole other world along with aelita who is a a guardian on the world. Upon turning the supercomputer on, trouble arises and jeremie is forced to find worriors who will go and fight on lyoko. He acquires the help of Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi.

Odd and Ulrich met on the first day since they were room mates. Ulrich meets Yumi because they both take Pencak Silac classes.

Once they go into the virtual world, they have to fight monsters created by X.A.N.A and help Aelita get to the tower to diactivate it before X.A.N.A takes over. When a Tower is activated, it normally means that X.A.N.A has attacked, and it affects people in their world. The only way to stop it is to deactivate the tower on Lyoko.

** If you have questions about Code Lyoko, feel free to message me, i could tell you a whole bunch. That was just a short summary!**  

group name: CODE LYOKO: REBORN

members: 7

Genre: slice of life, fantasy, etc

inspiration: code lyoko

Created: 01/02/17

deadline: 02/24/17

02/03/17Code: Lyoko has been created, and plotline page, application and cheat sheet are being worked on. 
01/12/17Code Lyoko: Reborn is ready to accept applicants. The deadline is February 24, 2017. One month exactly~




No foreword posted.

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