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“This foolishly regret-filled song
I hope it reaches the sky
My prayer that spent all night in tears
I hope it reaches your heart”


‘I woke up with puffy, red eyes. It was normal for me by now. When she left me, I was alright with it for the first few weeks, but then it hit me and I cried. My friends were worried for me since I don’t really go out anymore and all I do is stay in my room and cry. How could I not when I lost the best thing in my life? I spend all my time crying, praying that she isn’t in the same state as me. I mean, she left me but she cried when she left. I hope she’s doing well… For my sake.’


This is a short angsty lyric fic based on Wanna One's Beautiful. 

I heard the song and couldn't hep but write! 

It's my first fic and It's not edited yet. I hope you enjoy it!

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