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Jake Miller, Samantha Anderson, Nathan Reid, Andreia Riley


A story of a young man who inherits his father’s likeness with different kinds of flowers

in which he used to make her woman falls in love and falls out of love.


It starts with mysterious flowers.

It continues with simple handwritten letters.

It halts with a statement.

It goes with an accompaniment.


Everyone she knows do not believe in making a wish during 11:11 read on the clock and they also told her that even wishing upon a shooting star isn't true. Is it just a pure coincidence or based on your faith that one day it'll come true?

Everyone he knows calls him gay as he likes flowers a lot. He has a small garden on the rooftop of their house and he takes care of it regularly. Little didn’t he know that those flowers would help him a lot to get a girl.




Warnings / Disclaimers:

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! This is my own story and ideas. If there are scenes that are similar to other stories you have read or will be read, it is highly a coincidence. By the way, English isn’t my first language so you may encounter mistakes upon reading it. Thank you~



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