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Starting to write a research paper may be easy, the challenge comes when you are unable to complete it. In my teaching career, many students have addressed me claiming that they have a difficulty in finishing their research paper. With this, I have noted that most of the students do not plan well when they are beginning to write their research. I, therefore, encourage students to create a framework before starting to do their research on the essay they are about to write. Some of the things they should include in their framework may consist of:

Choose the right topic

Choosing a subject topic that you cannot lack material and content to write about is important. Some student may think the picking a complex topic will impress the teacher even without doing research and knowing whether they can get enough material to write about. A topic that inspires you is more beneficial since you will have the interest to know more, therefore, will not get stuck in the middle. Another common mistake you can do while finding a topic is selecting one which is too common for will have to use a lot of researches to present your argument which can be an overwhelming task

Gather information

In case you choose the internet to be the main source to gather the information, ensure you use sites that are not biased and will give you all kinds of information that you require. Most lecturers will insist on the students that they should use books from the library since they are more reliable and have scholarly outlook. After choosing the right place to gather your information, make sure you refer from the framework to ensure that you will collect all the kinds that you will use in writing your final document.

Create a detailed thesis

This is a critical stage in writing a research paper since it is the central part of the entire copy. A thesis will guide you through the rest of the paper. When creating a thesis, you should ensure that it is consistent, specific, coherent and accurate.

Write the draft

Begin writing the draft with most crucial areas like the thesis. You may leave out the introduction and the conclusion first. You can start with the assignment`s main body and ensure it is detailed.  When you are through with the body, you can write the introduction and conclusion derived from the information that you have presented on the body part. Make sure all the important notes you gathered are all included.

Revise edit and proofread

This is where you ensure that all the things written in the paper are making sense. When revising ensure that all the ideas are well organized and they are flowing with the thesis. Make sure the citations and quotations are well done. You can take time and allow a few days to pass before revising and proofreading to ensure that the time you are revising the paper you have a fresh mind; therefore, you are able to identify mistakes in case there are any. By doing this, you do not miss out on anything.

There are times when you do not have enough time especially if you have a part-time job to attend or you have a lot of activities to focus on. This may hinder you from meeting deadlines, and it can be costly due to the deduction of crucial marks.  To avoid such an incidence, you can contact a professional writing company to write your paper for you or buy essay at a fee to submit before the deadline.



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