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This is the communication age. Internet as a medium of communication has wiped out international boundaries and information is available at the finger tips. To write a communication thesis in these times is easy. There is no dearth of communication mediums or related topics - for example, the "write an essay" site. At the same time, because it’s a constantly evolving field, narrowing down the focus of the argument within the thesis might become a bit difficult.


If you are constantly seeking information, reading, thinking and learning ways and means of communications, the thesis will not be too much of a problem as you will be conversant with the various means of communication and their effectiveness.


The first step is to select the relevant field in communication which interests you and identify a problem on which you wish to write your communication thesis. Remember, with communication being instantaneous globally – even for the layman now – the thesis writing has to be ideally within an international context.


How to chose a topic? This is the foremost challenge for most students. The answer is to be aware of what is happening around you – a must for students of communication in any case.


• Read journals

• Check out books

• Surf the internet/communication-related websites/mass media websites

• Watch television

• Listen to the radio

• Follow news, current affairs, international relations

• Check our policies and amendments

• Study cultural, business and sporting events

• Follow commercials and advertisement campaigns of different products

• Look up case studies on crisis management and damage control by governments, corporate houses.


Studying communications theory and new developments in communication technology, law, marketing etc would provide you with ample choices as regards a possible topic.


Some contemporary topics to consider will include :


• Gender sensitiveness in communication

• Marketing through the internet

• Commercial aspects of communication

• Stereotyping gender roles in communication

• Communication parameters for social awareness campaigns

• Personalities and communication goals

• Communication laws – implementation and violation

• Censorship in mass media communication

• Self-regulation in news media communication

• Communication disasters in explaining policy – foreign or otherwise


Guidelines for a Communication Thesis


The rules are the same here as for writing any good thesis. However, a word of caution. By its very nature, in communications be prepared to find that most of the ideas which occur to you have been already discussed and explained at length in different media


The challenge will be in finding a fresh angle for a good thesis statement. One way to show an important contribution to knowledge would be to incorporate new case studies, updated expert interviews in your degree thesis. Most experts are happy to talk about developments in their field. Take advantage of that to identify the latest happenings. This will help you in building contacts within the industry too.


Research suitable thesis statement examples before attempting your own statement, and free essay writer online can help. Clarity of thought and presentation is a must for any thesis and since we are talking about a communication thesis, it becomes doubly imperative here that your thesis organization is well done. Only then will it be possible for you to lay down your argument and the evidence supporting your thesis statement in a convincing manner.



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