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Shayla Peterson, and Choi Yeon jun


Shayla thought that once she was finally with the love of her life Yeonjun she would be happy and everything would be sunshine and roses. But the same way he came into her life suddenly and surprisingly, is the same way he left. But somewhere deep inside she hoped in tomorrow. You're never really prepared for what tomorrow will bring. Subscribe Now! 


He's handsome 19 years old and ready and excited to live in America! The young man is an exchange college student and has been offered to live with a family in America.  Yeonjun assumes knows nothing about the family he will be residing with and he will soon find out exactly where they live when is airplane lands. Anticipation and his imagination is thinking one way but he will soon find out the family is nothing like what he imagined.

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Candy56  on says:
This is an intriguing story!

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