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  • At first choose your definition essay topic

  • Select a term that you wish to define and present it to your readers. You can do this in many ways but the main goal is to clearly state the contents of your paper.

  • To see the way that the term you are interested in is defined, consult several sources (dictionaries and encyclopedias). Next, consider combining or merging them to create your own unique definition.

  • In the introduction of your paper, present the term that you have chosen to your readers.

  • Provide information about the term in the main body paragraphs. You can also include a description of the term and historical information about its usage in literature. You can also highlight common errors in the definition.

  • Consider a few examples that can fully explain and illustrate your definition.

The Key Points

  1. It is more than just copying the definitions in other dictionaries. If you are unable to define a new meaning of a concept, you can use an existing definition, but your own interpretation.

  2. Use terms that you are familiar with, or those that have had an impact on your personal life. Don't try to explain a term that you don’t understand. You will confuse your readers by giving the wrong explanation.

  3. A term can be defined by explaining its structure, functions, and nature. It is also possible to define the term by explaining what it doesn't mean or by comparing it to other members of the same category of words, highlighting the differences.

  4. A structured structure is important. You should present your term in an introduction. Then, in the main body paragraphs, provide detailed explanations and conclude with short conclusions.


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