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Reasons and Experiences

I have usually been deeply subjected to helping others, particularly those who came from not rich backgrounds. Several experiences have encouraged my attraction to the social work field. The first one happened at age of six, when the social workers helped my friend get ready for school, as her parents did not possess enough money to care for all their six children. I usually appreciated the people who could offer aid to others. In this way, I decided to become one of those people. Moreover, a social worker potentially has a number of opportunities in the social work field. Such professionals can operate in schools, hospitals, international organizations, and community health agencies that allow to choose the place for soul.

Social Work Career Interests

First, as stated above, I would like to help other people, and their is the best honor to me. Second, I like to work with people as well as interact with them, and social worker carrier allows to do that. Finally, I like traveling, and this career provides me with an opportunity to participate in various abroad charity missions. Thus, these were the key issues guiding me to select the social worker career.

Personal Strength

I opted for social work, but in retrospect, I suppose social work opted for me too. My personal strengths are the willingness to aid others unconditionally and ability to communicate with all types of people. I really become inspired and get the happiness feeling when my job is successfully finished. My personal experiences have taught me how to demonstrate empathy, be non-judgmental, and encourage others. Moreover, my background in psychology-counseling field gives me a better understanding of why people feel, think, and behave the way they do. I strongly believe that people behavior understanding is very significant tool to have in the fields of social work. 

My Life in 10 Years

Ten years from now, I see myself aiding neglected and abused kids who strongly need an assistance. The social worker is without a doubt a proper position for me. I am excitable about working with this particular group due to my own personal experience of seeing neglected and abused children in my neighborhood. I have a unique place in my heart for kids, particularly those who are suffering due to their parents’ inability to defend and provide for them. Thus, I often wanted to have a magic wand to defend the abused minors. In the years ahead, I also observe myself volunteering to aid in educating foster parents of how to be appointed foster parents. Finally, I plan to havemy own volunteering organization to help the children all over the world.

Major Issues that Social Worker Is Concerned

The health insurance is a challenging issue for plenty of people, particularly the Americans. Although the Affordable Care Act facilitated for Americans to obtain the health insurance, many suppose that they yet cannot afford to obtain health insurance. The people understand that they cannot afford to be sick since their insurance can cover so little. Social workers are aware that this can adversely influence people in various ways and can ultimately lead to less money as well as fewer programs available to aid those in need. The role of social workers is to encourage people to purchase the health insurance. The social workers can try to find the most suitable one for each person in need for the most affordable price.

The NASW Code of Ethics

The social worker’s key role is to facilitate the overall welfare of society by addressing the the most defenseless individuals. However, social services can sometimes be a challenging task due to ethical issues and other uncertainties. The Social Work Code of Ethics aids social workers direct these challenges throughout their careers and gives a framework for the standards and principles that they must uphold. When communicating with difficult people, a social worker should not forget to make clients their initial responsibility. Apart from that, a social worker should foster maximum self-determination for clients to see their high interest in dealing with them. He or she should always honor the privacy of clients while keeping data that was shared throughout the accomplishing of their duties safe. Doing this, a social worker is always able to find communication points with any clients.

Balance the Internship Hours with the Coursework and Personal Obligations

The MSW program is a highly demanding one that requires putting lots of skills in order to gain the necessary study outcomes. The greatest challenge is to balance the internship work with the coursework and personal duties. I suppose that in this period, my personal obligations will go for the second stage of importance, as the time will be dedicated to coursework and internship. To my mind, I will do the internship after my studies, and my coursework job will be performed during the weekends. However, I will be able to balance everything, as I will try to take some information from the internships to incorporate into my coursework. The coursework will be the most challenging task for me, as it takes lots of time. Thus, I will try to do the coursework in stages, thus allocating at least hour a day for it to finish it on time.


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