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by Scheherazade
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Original characters


A story of growing up and believing not only in magic, but in yourself and what your friends can help you become. 


I originally wrote this for a 48 hour novel contest. Considering I lost, I'm releasing the manuscript that I did write for public viewing now that judging is over. 

Please understand that this is not meant to be super quality since it was written in such a short amount of time, but please do enjoy.


DO NOT repost or copy this in any way shape or form. Please respect my wishes as an author. Thank you. 

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LoLi15  on says about chapter 11:
Ah! Its so sweet. So beautiful ^^
I half expected it would turn out like the movie "Spirited Away". Thankfully it didn't. They're together :)
I'm surprised why you didn't win. Your imagination is outstanding. Wish someone could convert this into an animated movie *sigh* It would be more beautiful then
Keep it up! *thumbs up*

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