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she's bound to him and she already knows. she knows he would never truly love her, and yet, she still hangs on to him. she knows that she's only a mere puppet who's controlled by him. she knows that even the slightest mistake he makes can make her heart crack, and he is not able to repair it any longer. she knows that it's hopeless to hang on to him.

she knows.

and yet, she still waits.

yes, i am that clown that you always desire
so please for now and forever

manipulate my strings


inspired by karakuri pierrot (mechanical pierrot) - hatsune miku.
song does not belong to me.

influx//2013 - please do not steal, modify, repost, or anything that you think is stupid to do.

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AyukiMizuko  on says:
Can't wait for the 1st chap~

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