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SteezyTwee, YourWriter, and all the hotties, bishies, and more


Shockwave Graphics and Writing
 Hi, you! Welcome to Shockwave! You may be wondering what this shop's about, well let me tell you.
This shop is a collaboration that two siblings, moi and YourWriter, created for fun.
I am responsible for giving you a graphic that can help you convey your story visually. YourWriter is responsible for being your writing resource, wether you want a one-shot, excerpt, or if you're having writer's block and just need new ideas, YourWriter will provide it for you. If you also want graphic freebies from me(i.e. DP, icon, etc.) then just leave a comment of what type of graphic you want and who you want featured.
-P.S. We don't do smut or any rated M stuff



oo1. Subscribe or else you won't recieve what you requested. Upvote if you think we're worth it.
oo2. Comment after requesting and after receiving your request. Feedbackis appreciated.
oo3. Credit like so- SteezyTwee@Shockwave for Graphics or YourWriter@Shockwave for Writing
oo4. Use the graphic/writing for at least a month. Failing to do so will result in a ban because you will have wasted our hard work
oo5. Only 4 characters max. in the poster. One group is already considered 3.
oo6. Don't claim our works as your own.
oo7. Don't request here if you've already requested in another shop. Don't request in another shop if you've already requested here.
oo8. Respect us and don't rush us if you want good results. We also have the right to decline requests.
oo9. Don't delete your story or deactivate your account after requesting without first informing us, or else you'll be banned.
o10.No HQ pics, no poster.What I consider as HQ is a pic with 600px width or more.
o11. We run this shop in batches of 10 slots each for both me amd YourWriter
o12. There is a password and it's lol this is the password (you gots ta highlight)
You wanna see if it's worth requesting here? Here are some of my samples.
Here are some of YourWriter's samples (._.) [N/A as of now]
(drop a comment or PM if you wanna be one)




No foreword posted.

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Khunjixx13  on says:
would yall think about doing a poster for a different fanfic. place like wattpad??

arosebushqueen  on says:
The poster in the foreward looks really cool!

X_JasielleAle  on says:
Affies? I'm from AEX GRAPHIC SHOP. Please upvote my shop as I will upvote yours as well. If you want to be affies, please do pop a mcg on my shop to tell that you have upvoted me so I'll do the same for you! Hoping to get your reply soon! ^ ^


yingjumeihua  on says about chapter 1:
I forgot to add in my form that the story I was requesting graphics for is also a place for oneshot requests as well as reviews. And just to let you know that the title has been changed to 'Midnight: Reviews & Oneshots'.
Just to let you guys know! :)

yingjumeihua  on says:
Hey, I requested for graphics! :)

Aoi_Magnolia  on says about chapter 2:
I really like 'Beauty in Ink'! Could I have it? XD

Pretty_Elf  on says about chapter 2:
OMG. that poster has the two most handsome men on the planet. Seriously, and it's an amazing poster! *U*

Pastelsky  on says:
I requested!
There are a bunch of picture choices, but feel completely free to change anything in my form.
I appreciate everything!

lemons  on says about chapter 2:
okay, so i've decided to take just my luck
LOL is that alright with you guys?

lemons  on says about chapter 2:
those titles are creative c:
i love memoirs of the past
and overthinking love most

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