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Cinderella and Chesire


She's a cold-hearted girl from a privileged family, she doesn't see how good she has it. She waltzes through life however she wants, treating everyone like trash even lashing out at her closest and only friend Cheshire. A friend who is treated in this way yet he shows that he cares for her. She goes throughout her daily life thinking everything revolves around her. Will she ever change? Will someone be able to "melt this crystal heart"?




"...you are going to be meeting with a fine young gentleman from Lombard of the name, Charming.” My father stated. Talk about conceited, a lord named Charming? That’s a no from the start.

“No,” I spoke flatly and put as much force as I could into the word. That seemed to falter my father for a second, but as I thought he was made of sterner stuff.

“Now Cindy-“

“Don’t Cindy- me! I’m too young to marry and you know it!” I huffed.

“Cindy, I’m not asking you to marry anyone…yet, I’m just asking you to see some nice presentable young men. Would it kill you to meet at least one man? I mean they’re nothing like those ruffians that you choose to associate with!” He was in full lion mode now, though it’s a bit useless to me. I knew that I would win this argument, I always win the argument, no matter who it is against.







Yay for my first fan fic >.< OK, I know its a little bit of a clichéd topic, this was just something I did for funsies, don't judge like douches please~ if youre going to critiqué then please tell me what I need to specifically correct myself about ^.^ thanks for taking the time to read it~ ~ ~ ~



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