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by Winterflowr
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Legolas, OC-Tirith


When she was handed to him, the strength that he knew naught of was rekindled.


There haven't been any signs of a LOTR fanbase, so I've decided to start.  This is based more Peter Jackson's film than the book, since it fits more.

I do not own Legolas in any way, shape or form.  He belongs to the author of the LOTR trilogy, J.R.R Tolkien,

Feel free to comment or drop by my wall for any comments, suggestions or chats.


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N1ghtshade  on says about chapter 1:
This was brilliantly sweet.
I like how you write, it flows so smoothly.

N1ghtshade  on says:
Finally a LOTR story!
I'm already anxiously awaiting your first update just by reading the description. ^^

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