Upvote 3 Your Virtual Boyfriend [C L O S E D ATM / B U S Y]

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Your Virtual Boyfriend [C L O S E D ATM / B U S Y] - romance original apply penpal roleplay - main story image



You & Virtual Boyfriend


Your Virtual Boyfriend




What is this?

Ever dreamed of having to talk to your dreamboy? Is it that possible? Yes! Sweet Romantic talks, scenes, or maybe conflict depends on your mood. 

Ever wanted to try how to be in a relationship? Why not try this and simply check how life can be with your romantic one? Feels, emotions and everything you could think of being with your Soulmate or Ideal one.

Have fun and chat with your Ideal one.


Who is the Owner?

I am the owner of the messages you'll received. It's basically a chat with your dreamed Boyfriend but instead of replying to you in the PM, I will post your Chapter and you will just have to check it every now and then if your Virtual Boyfriend replied to you.

I will promise you to try my best to keep my standards the same as you Ideal Boyfriend.

I promise you that It'll be fun.



01|| Subscribe is a MUST and Upvote is appreciated

02|| Comment that you are Joining

03|| Message your APPLICATION (Make a Blog for It)

04|| Wait till I accept your Application and Of course I will inform YOU if you got Accepted

05|| Check your Chapter every now and then, I WILL NOT inform you if I have Replied

07|| One week to reply on your Virtual Boyfriend or else it'll be TERMINATED

08|| Do not rush me! I have life as well! Wait patiently

09|| Only ONE Virtual Boyfriend per Person

10|| I will post every Conversation you've send me and Reply on your Chapter


BLOG NAME - My Virtual Boyfriend




Open || Busy || Closed || Accepting


GMT +1 (London)








Availability (1-10):



Virtual Name:




Picture Link(Optional):


Virtual's Boyfriend Name:






Personality (Goods & Bads):

Picture Link (Cumpolsary):


NOTE: Send the Application to me and also make a BLOG so if I accidentally delete the Conversation it has a Back Up (PM)

Anymore Question(s): Send your Question(s) to me via PM



Poster by: GeekReader

Textures credited to the Rightful Owner


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DiamondPop  on says about chapter 3:
I'm kinda confused .....

jj_maple  on says:
creative ^^

jj_maple  on says:
how'd you get the idea for this?

CrimsonRoses  on says about chapter 6:
Thanks for posting ^^ Just to be sure...do I start it in a blog then?

CrimsonRoses  on says:
This sounds like fun, joining! ^^

Joongie  on says:
sound interesting ^^

-fairytale  on says:
ehe this seems cute. i'm joining! ^^

Pastelsky  on says:
Ah, so you're basically going to talk as if you are our "boyfriend"?
That seems interesting!
Update soon :)

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