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Emma Watson


It only took a few days for the world to end. It started with one lone infection with Subject 0, then two, then four, then eight until the number of infected ballooned out of proportion and most of the world was engulfed in mayhem. The infection is spreading and I'm the only one left.


I wrote the first chapter to this story around May of 2010 just to prove that I would. It just took me more than a year of procrastinating to actually post it just in case I lose it somewhere in my computer if my hard drive ever fails or something!

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PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 3:
Zombies are really popular these days, but you're really handling this well!

SkippingSkipper  on says about chapter 1:
ohooo! this story reminds me of Walking Dead, srsly. I was actually imagining the sheriff as Lucas. kkk~

epicfate  on says:
OMG! This one is really nice! Please update soon~

--justine  on says:
This reminds me of Jason's story in Asianfanfics.com...
By any chance, are you Jason?

N1ghtshade  on says about chapter 3:
This story reminds me of this zombie apocalypse marathon they have near me. XD
Zombies plus Emma Watson equals one happy reader. ^_^

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