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His name is Hikaru.

But names are meaingless, as our identites become one.


He have golden topaz eyes, short, auburn, messy hair, and pale skin

But so do I.


His eyes shine with mischieve and innocence.

My eyes reflects a dark desire, a deep longing to be different


He is loved by everyone

We are loved by everyone. They love us. Not me, not him. Us.


My name is Kaoru,

and I want my brother,



"Who am I?:

"I don't know! No one does!"


"Hikaru? Please just let me go! Don't hurt me anymore, please!"


Wrong answer

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PyaariSammu  on says:
This seems like something interesting. I really can't wait to see where this goes.

DreamyEntertainment  on says:
This does kind of seem like Baby's Breath…

lovelyfawn  on says:
this reminds me of baby's breath....

pizzaa  on says:
i love ouran ^^

coffeeplease  on says:
update more~ :3

MamaStayfit  on says:
This looks interesting..I never got to read the first chapter though :<

Pastelsky  on says:
This left a great impact on me.

jj_maple  on says:
please update!

jj_maple  on says:

SuchChocolate  on says about chapter 1:
I have no idea who Hikaru or Kaoru are but this looks really interesting! Looking forward to a chapter :D

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