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Sailor Chibi-Moon, Sailor Senshi, Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, Helios, Sailor Quartet, ect.


The story never truly ends...
New leads just come in.
So what happens when in the 30th centery when a new moon begins to shine,
And a new battle begins from far beyond the unknown?
"Sailor Chibi-Moon?"


A new begin's. . .

 "Twilights goddess, the Moon's princess," Haruka - princess of Uranus -  chuckled as she watch Michiru tap the baby with the bright pink hair on the nose. "Who would have ever thought we'd see the day to watch, Usagi really have her."

"Yeah, Chibiusa wanted to be here but, Setsuna said it would be a bad idea. For the time stream." Mamoru chuckled with a slight frown before taking his child from the teal haired woman, causing her to frown and stand beside her lover. Whom had no problem with her there.

Upon hearing the others talking, Ami came in, looking very tired. Mamoru's hand met her shoulder softly and he offered her a sincere smile as well. She had just delivered his child. "Your a good doctor, Ami." He said, nodding as Rei seemed to come out of no where behind him and nodded as well.

"When I tell her that she doesn't listen, Prince." She chimed in lightly before Minako came in smiling brightly but she too looked very tired. "Usagi, wants her baby princess." She said, voice still happy and full of life, but she was the princess of Venus and they were all used to her and her cheerful, happy-go-lucky ways.

"Baby!" She giggled, arms opened wide.

Mamoru took the child in his arms and moved passed the guardian of the morning star and off to the room that held his wife that hadn't want him to see her the way she was, worn out and messy but frankly, he still thought she was beautiful. She was his love and always would be. The door to the room was cracked however and Makoto was patting the younger girls head as they both were laughing softly at a joke he hadn't heard upon entry.

"Mamo-chan, you weren't suppose to come in till morning!" The Queen of the 30th century squealed, pulling the blankets up over her head and pouted behind them. "Not fair..." she added.

Makoto waved at the older male and moved over to wave her fingers at the wide awake, yet silent baby. "Will she have to go through what Chibiusa did once more?" She asked, voice soft but curious all-the-while.

"No," Setsuna whispered as she got up from her set in the room and went over to hug the new mother in the room, smiling lightly. "She won't, we believe that since her crescent mark is on her forehead already and since the Death Phantom is no longer living in the future nor the past. Small Lady, shall grow accordingly."

That was the time when the blanket dropped and Usagi started to whine lightly, "So I won't be able to see me gorgeous self in the future, what?" She frowned but as soon as Mamoru handed over they're small bundle of love she shushed herself and started to lightly bounce the baby in her arms.

"Your a natural," Her husband complimented, causing her to flush and lean up, trying to peck his cheek but frowned when she was to sore to reach, he bent down to help her more and she beamed upon reaching her new goal, his lips.

A knock made everyone jump and turn to the door. In came a young man with white hair with a blue tint to his locks and a bright smile on his face. Mamoru was the first to shake his right hand mans hand and offer him a grin, for he knew who the younger would turn out to be. "Helios, I'm glad you came." He said, looking back over at his wife with a smile, which she returned.

"I thought you said you couldn't come," Hotaru murmured as she entered the room to see a future best friend asleep on her mothers lap and smiled instantly.

"About that..." Helios sighed, hand running through his shimmering locks as he gazed down at the baby that will be the girl that took his heart in the years to come and frowned at the words he was about to say. "We saw something in the mirror, the future holds peril for, Princess Lady Serenity."



A u t h o r ' s N o t e


 This is something I've always wanted to do since Sailor Moon made me love Asia and started my passion for art. So this'll be when Sailor Moon is taken over by Chibiusa or Rini and will step up and have that title, while Usagi/ Serena, will be Neo-Queen Serenity. I'll be posting a character chart in the first chapter to show things that some people might not understand since I'll be using the names from the Japanese anime and other little things that people might not know because they never read the Manga's.

If there are any questions you might have and like to ask you can comment them below and I'll answer them in that character chart.

Please, comment and subscribe, upvote if you'd like.

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Disclaimer(s): I do NOT own any of the Sailor Moon characters. Nor all of the plot since I will be following off of the original story plot but with my own twists and turns.



© By Naoko Takeuchi and --BabyDoll || On FanficOverflow



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blueberry_muffin  on says:
Oooooh I absolutely love Sailor Moon! XD It's one my favorite animes/mangas EVER!!!

I can feel (and read) from the foreword this will be epicly amazing!! Can't wait for this authornim!! ^0^

Aoi_Magnolia  on says:
I'm so excited for this!!! Sailor Moon started my love and interest in Asian culture. Plus the foreword really drew me in. ^_^

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