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Liza, Rey, and more OCs


 It's weird, I usually satirize girls who fall head over heels for some guy they could never have. A guy way out of their league. Such as age, the too-hot-to-handle good looks, or someone like a teacher. Because liking a teacher is ridiculous and definitely mock worthy. It's childish and stupid. Why? Why fall for someone like your teacher?! It's completely insane. There are better guys your age who are better to fawn over than your 23 year old teacher. Right?

Then it happened. I became one of those girls. The girls I'd laugh at and think, "How could they even?". I guess karma bit me in the ass big time for always ridiculing girls like that. Why did he have to care about me in the first place? Of course, caring as in a student-teacher relationship. He didn't have to be so nice to me. He didn't have to always give me that heart-stopping smile and greet me with his soft, melting voice every morning. He didn't even have to look at me. I'm just one of his other hundred students.

But, he did. He always does. Every single day. And as the days pass, I can't help but look forward to meeting him. It's like he's the only best part of my day—which he is. 

I know it's wrong and cliche to say this...but, I can't help it. The way he makes me feel...I've never been so happy in my life—and I'm never happy, so that's saying something. I've been miserable, always different. He just makes me feel normal and wanted—important. It's like someone wants me to be here on this earth, surviving beside them—beside him. 

I am different from those girls. Those girls aren't serious—not like I am. And I'm way to deep to go back now. Those girls have the sentimental feelings of "like" or "crushes".

Me, I love him. I love him. And, I don't mind it at all. I know he can't feel the same way—that's fine with me. Like I said, I'm way to deep to go back now. 





A story I wanted to make about forbidden feelings—for a teacher, from their student. I feel like this is something that happens almost everywhereto anyone. And I want to write from their perspective. Even if I've never fallen for my teacher, I know someone out there already is or has done this. 

Original storyline I created. Please sit back and enjoy. Plagiarize and I'll cut you. 


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