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There has always been a line of Guardians, having always helped the Smash Bros. However, when Subspace returns to not only take over the Smash Universe but all other game worlds and even the Human World, the next Guardian in line must aid in recovering the missing Characters and protect the other worlds but will they be able to help despite their lack of knowledge of being a Guardian? 

Beginning Arc: Our leading lady must aid in retrieving the Smashers and starts her adventure in the sky village of Skyloft!






Makayla Stradford

(Note: This is the outfit she wears from now on in the Smash Universe. It'll be further explained when she gets in.)

Our leading heroine and new Guardian of the Smashers. She's a 20 year old college student residing currently in South Korea and majoring in Animation. She's loves the culture and lifestyle, thus why she moved from the U.S and also distancing herself from gaming. However, when ever she plays video games, she has a special trait to where she can easily pick up its gameplay and beat it with no problem, along with even remembering all its gaming mechanics and secrets when she doesn't play it even after years later. She gets sucked up into the Smash Universe for one reason: Save the Worlds from Subspace!


Best Friends:


Seunghwa Jung

This young woman is Makayla's penpal while they were writing to each other back and forth when Makayla was still living in the States. Now, she's become closer friends with Makayla since she arrived to South Korea. Seunghwa is 21 years old and is currently majoring in Literature to become a writer. She's also basically a polar opposite of Makayla; Seunghwa dresses up more femeninely and tends to be more quite but still quirky while Makayla has a bit more of a tomboyish style and very enthusiastic.


Kai Park

This young man is Makayla's other close friend. (Maybe a bit too close, perhaps?) He's a 20 year old also majoring in Animation and pretty much has all the same classes with Makayla. She mostly relies on Kai to be the fun loving friend. He is very active is also a lover of video games. He always one to treat Makayla as if she royalty rather than a really close friend though which kind of brings down a bit on their friendship. However, he does have a secret affection for her but will never admit it to her and he would even deny himself of it.





The Smashers

(I'm including those from Melee as well execpt for Dr. Mario since it is Mario himself.)

The Smashers are an array of characters from various Game Worlds (Mainly Nintendo related). As Makayla enters the different worlds, all the traits and personalities of each Smasher will be revealed. Except for the Melee characters, the other Smashers all joined up and defeated Tabuu and protecting the Smash World from the evils of Subspace, thus resuming and finishing the main tournament. Now with that over, the Smashers are now in their own worlds at peace. However, now with Tabuu returning, Makayla must bring all of them back (including many new characters from other Nintendo and 3rd Party Worlds) to aid in defeating Tabuu, making sure that Subspace doesn't take over the Game Worlds AND the Human World, but also aid in starting up the next upcoming tournament.

(Note: When a new character that's not from the three rosters joins into the fourth roster for this story in a certain chapter, I will link the picture of them in that certain chapter where they're officially titled a Smasher instead since it'll take up much space to put in all the newcomers for the story in here.)


Here's a non Pokémon story! Well it has Pokémon in It but it won't be centered as much. This is a SSB story I decided to post on FF but I like the idea of having here. I don't know, maybe because I feel more comfortable to post them here instead of FF. Anyway, I do have the first chapter up on FF so I'll Posted up in a bit with minor changes from the FF version. Do note that there will be some returning characters from Melee and that I will put in the new characters for the new SBB 4 and few (even 3rd party) that I think could have been on the roster to make it interesting. Imagine it as my own version of Super Smash Bros. Universe but involves world traveling and the oh so dreaded Subspace Emissary. So with that, enjoy the story.


Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures and anything related to SSB or any other games involved. All belong to their rightful owners. All I own is my OCs and concept of the story.

Poster will be available soon.

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