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They know that they can’t be together.

They know that they are rivals.

They know that they have to hate each other.  

They know that they are going to come to the point when they will try kill each other.

So why not have some fun before that happens?


Hyuna & Jang Hyun Seung - Trouble Maker


He looks up from the paper he was reading. His face is unreadable.

˝This is all I have to do? ˝ he ask slightly disappointed.

˝Look kid.˝ the man in front of him sighs ˝You are one of our best agents but you need to understand that not all missions are interesting and exciting.˝

˝I understand that but…˝

Before he can finish his boss interrupts him ˝If you understand then why aren’t you packing? ˝

It is his turn to sigh as he gets up and leaves the office. He knows that he will meet her again   on this mission and this time he will make shore that he wins for the first time sense they started this game. He politely smiles at the receptionist as he exits.

It is time to pack.      


Author's note

I hope you like it.

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. English s not my firrst language.

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