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                        the swan corner            
the light elegance of a sweet and fragile swan, the simple entities of which your
stories are built on. here at the swan corner we help you to improve your story and make
it more fun for readers to enjoy!
 i guess you can say this is
just another shop, but i would
love to contradict that and say
this isn't a normal shop, because
here at the 'swan corner' we're 
dedicated into helping you, the
writer at developing your stories.
plus, i love sharing the information
i know to the people who don't know it!

promote us?

art credits go to szene_ful @ szenery graphics
check her out :D
      IT'S ME.
         Emily here! i'm very fluent in english and chinese, plus i've
started writing ever since i was 12 y/o (i'm 16 now) even if you 
think i'm too young, i beg to disagree. i've been an avid reader 
ever since i could get my grimy little fingers on a book, and 
dug my entire soul into it, absorbing all the details and grammar
rules. so, therefore, i'd like to share what i've learned with you
the people who haven't learned it yet and want to. enjoy and i hope
these benefit you ; subscribing and upvoting are appreciated, i update
when i can, and when i want to. 
disclaimer: i copy no one, so don't copy me.

  ▼--comment with your shop link if you want to be affies~







my corner.
my corner.
le itty bitty place to put all my thoughts!

emily here! i hope you enjoy my writing tips! subscrribe please!! i'll update often, promise~ also, upvotes are appreciated ;x comments? yes please.
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coffeeplease  on says:
really helpful! :D

Eunhee  on says about chapter 1:
Gomawoyo! This really helped with my story :p
I appreciate all yourhelp!

SuchChocolate  on says:
So useful!!
Thank you!!!
Makes me realise that I really should plan T_T

veenus  on says about chapter 1:
i go with the flow almost all the time. oops.
but, afterwards, i do plan some of it out! /shot
i should go elaborate on more things in the plot i have, though.
lots of holes D: /cries
anyway, this is very helpful!

yingjumeihua  on says about chapter 1:
Some very useful tips there, -sarang!

sleepwalker  on says:
okay, i just realized you requested from my shop and didn't follow the rules. but y'know, i'm going to personally make you a poster and you don't have to request since i like your story ouo

sleepwalker  on says:
checked out your story feed! i'd be willing to make you a poster, if you don't mind.

sleepwalker  on says about chapter 1:
by the way, this is really helpful! i'll be waiting for your next update.

sleepwalker  on says about chapter 1:
i'm guilty of just typing and never planning ahahahaha
i just go with the flow otl is that bad ;;

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