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—A  U N I Q U E  BLOG—

orig. page--> click here but since this is where people can make something that isn't related to 'kpop', I'll just post my things here. ☺

Hello! Welcome to my life :) lol hehe.

I actually originally wanted to create youtube videos/ vlogs instead

but I'm not ready to get bashed with my physical appearance yet! hahah

just kidding. Maybe when I turn 16 or something but I'm not so sure because my

grammar is a bit weird and my accent is just... ew. Haha lol joke but anyway, i guess

this is it! A unique blog by yunikleeme, a blog where you'll see how hyper and weird she is!

note: I wanted to post this here because I don't like anyone from my school to see this hehehe. why? bec. i'm too shy orz



t w i t t e r  -  i n s t a g r a m  - a s i a n f a n f i c s




People who subscribes and reads this blog is requested to treat this as an entertainment material only. You cannot use this to scam people in any way. this blog is someone else's blog. Please do not attempt to imitate or to use my information/face/etc. to scam people or by just simply using my information and all will not be tolerated. If violation is done, I shall get you in jail and you should pay a fine of at least $1M for stealing MY LIFE.

i mean who wants to get their info used by other people anyway -.-

(c) 2013 yunikleeme's property

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