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Greeks, Egyptians and Romans are now at odds with each other.
What they didn't know is that Apophis, Kronos and Gaia are plotting against the three civilizations once and for all.
But a mere demigod will change their destiny.
Lee Sung Yeon- A Korean girl that'll change the span of the three civilizations. Born to Athena and Horus' son, Lee Jinki. Raised in Camp Jupiter. The Praetor alongside Reyna. From the First Cohort.
Percy Jckson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang- the previous ones who recieved the Prophecy of Seven 
Carter and Sadie Kane- the two Egyptian magicians who carries the blood of the pharoahs.
Other demigods: 
Yoon Ri Dae- Sung Yeon's best friend. A daughter of Mars and a Centurion of the Second Cohort.
Na Dae Hee- Sung Yeon's confidant. A daughter of Venus and a Centurion of the Second Cohort.
Choi Ha Na- The three's close friend from the Egyptian side. Following the path of the goddess Serqet.
Lee Heon Sul- Sung Yeon's second-degree cousin. Daughter of Nyx and Lee Taemin.



This is exoticshawol with my very first Greek/Roman/Egyptian Mythology AU.
This will feature some of SHINee, EXO and etc. members' names since I can't think of anything.
The other characters such as Lee Sung Yeon, Yoon Ri Dae, Na Dae Hee, Choi Ha Na and Lee Heon Sul are all mine.
I don't even know why they are all South Koreans here.
I don't own PJO, HOO and TKC. I don't own the characters (except for the OC's I mentioned above). They belong to Rick Riordan. I only own the OC's and the plot.
Well, hope you'll enjoy!

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IconaSoul  on says about chapter 1:
Update soon! I wanna know what's gonna happen next! :)

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