Upvote Music Productions {Status: CLOSED/UNDER CONSTRUCTION} This is a unique shop. We don't JUST offer posters

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Sell, Trade, Advertise, Co-Authors, Story Plots, Posters, Reviews




Open: We are open, and are accepting requests

Closed: The store is closed, and we will are not accepting requests for now

Under Construction: We are under construction, meaning we are renovating this shop

Away: We are away on a holiday or vacation, hiatus


If highlighted, that is what is happening in this shop.







We provide backgrounds, posters, story plots & more!
Sell/Trade: Remember how you make a story but then after a while, you lose interest in it? Well in this shop, you can sell the story to us and trade it for
karma points or... Or, you can give us the story but you don't get Karma Points, instead, you get a story from us in exchange ^^
Advertise: We will help advertise your stories. But, for us to advertise your stories, they come in with a high amount of Karma Points. In the advertisement we will post on random people's wall, we will tell them the url, who the characters are in your fanfic, about the fanfic & more! 10 advertisements we will do costs 3 Karma Points for the whole bunch.
Co-Authors: Want a co-author who will fix up your mistakes or help you write a new chapter? Here in this shop, you can hire a co-author for 5 Karma Points!
Story Plots: Don't you just hate it when you made a good plot for a story but you just don't feel like writing it because you feel too lazy or feel like you're not a good author to write it? Message us your plot and we will write it for you!
Posters: This shop also provides posters for your fanfics! Whether they're background posters, or just main posters! We're here to support you and provide great graphics for you guys!

Reviews: This shop also reviews, I will review your story for free!


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Pastelsky  on says:
When your title mentioned the word "unique" I was expecting a lot. Trust me when I say you lived up to my expectations! Good luck with your shop. I wish you all the best :)

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