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shadow layout tutorials

welcome, welcome, to my layout tutorial story! yayy(: if you clicked on this, you probably want to learn about layouts--am i right? well, if you're here for that reason...i'm sorry. you came to the wrong place. here, we only show off our skills, you uneducated wannabe coder. JK. just kidding xD. but you knew that, right? if you want to learn how to code, it's easy! like...really, really easy once you get the hang of it. and of course, i'm here. trust me, it's waaayyy harder to learn without a tutorial guide (trust me, i started when none of those existed. you should see my progress. you would be sooo surprised, lol. :P). well, feel free to ask questions, UPVOTE, and comment! Please?? like really, i feel sooo happy when ONE person comments. You don't evenknow, haha. i tell my mom each time excitedly :3 (<= jk, but not really...cause i kinda do...but not really). with a small price to pay (of subscribing), come on in!









basic knowlege-- in order to make a layout, click source on the top left of the box where you edit. html is what we will be using, thus, you will have to write/memorize codes. i suggest that you write the codes on a document so that you can don't have to type the whole code down everytime. the layouts will look different when you press save changes/add chapter. make sure you save often. you cannot edit pictures with html. edit beforehand so you don't have to go around. it's easier to make a layout if you don't have distractions. making layouts, like posters, is based on creativity! be creative! don't give up if it's hard at first--don't give up. :) 



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topcombine  on says about chapter 6:
Can you make a tutorial on a box with lines in it? Like it's incorporated into the box so that every time you were to press enter or shift+enter, theres a line in the box? OTL sorry if it sounds complicated

121219  on says about chapter 4:
Just a suggestion: Instead of margin-top:-#px you can also use the float attribute. ^^

summermist0512  on says:
i would upvote, but i cant yet, so ill upvote as soon as i gain more karma points :D

Exotic_Inspirit_Baby  on says about chapter 5:
I'm not complaining or anything cause this actually helped a lot but can you write out the tutorial chapter like you did with the other chapter? Cause I'm pretty new to this and the video was a bit fast for me. Thank you~

DaehyunWifey  on says about chapter 6:
Do you know how to put music in the layouts?

DaehyunWifey  on says:
Yesh please. C:

iiAegyoTurtle  on says about chapter 1:

RainStacey  on says about chapter 1:
Where do you make or code your layouts?

DaehyunWifey  on says about chapter 4:
I hope I can try these out sometime soon.. thanks for making the tutorial!^^

-justadreamer-  on says:

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