Upvote In the Eyes Of a Child (ONESHOT) Completed!

by giraffehugger
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Have you ever felt that you are not beautiful?


This is a true story..

about me

and a little girl



and where true beauty lies.
















I opened my journal and found this story.

Hope you’ll like it since it’s an old piece.








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PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 1:
Oh this was absolutely beautiful, it was really nice to see the innocence of a child portrayed like this!

dream_keeper88  on says about chapter 1:
But that child is something else. So discriminating at a young age OTL She is six. So my psychology professor would say that that is her personality until she becomes an adult. Apparently, at the age of five, it would be hard to correct a child. But I believe in change. A changed heart and renewed mind through Christ. I do hope she won't go on labeling people like that. PLUS teenagers are pretty much insecure and have low self esteem.

What I learned: Do not let others dictate how I would feel about myself.

Affected much? LOL.

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