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Rita, Tony, Seoyoung, Priscilla, Beatrice, And More Original Characters


Exactly, what is love? Is it like how each Disney Princess movie was, finding prince charming with true love’s kiss? Could time physically pause once eye contact was made with the other? Will your heart really beat so madly that you could only hear those beats drumming in your ear? No one gave me a real answer to this question, even when they were in love. They just say to me, “You’ll figure it out on your own. Once you find that one, you can just feel you‘re in love.” I never understood what they meant, until I met him.   


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2011, August 30 the very first thought entered in this journal

Love was never a part of my life to be honest. You see, I'm just a simple girl, who had crushes come and go. Sometimes, crushes ended up turning into feelings, where I would be so fond of such males that I yearned for their attention. And that yearning even sometimes got me into relationships. However, they never satisfied both mine and the general definition of love, which contained those lovey-dovey sappy thoughts you see in every chick flick movie. Obviously, I’m an amateur at this if I question an emotion this way. But I mean, you really can’t help but ponder about the subject this way, especially if you‘re new to all of this. And being new to love isn’t all that bad, right? Even when you’re at the age of eighteen, it isn’t bad, right? Wait, am I even at the right age to start thinking about love? Is love this stressful? Oh goodness, what would happen to me when I actually fall in love?

--  Rita (:


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Rita, a girl at the age of eighteen, who would try her best to avoid the topic of love. Though out of all her group of friends she was the only one who truly had relationships in the past, she could never really depict love properly. Instead of stating words from the heart, she would quote things from books and movies. She was a novice at this emotion, and it made her feel like a new born baby entering the world when she hears couples talk about that one word. She continues to dream and hope for that love she read in one of those young adult novels when she enters college life at the Haytham University.


Would her dreams come true? Or would love end up being a nightmare for her?


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A story of a girl in college, trying her best to find love



Hello Beautiful Readers ♥
I have been an author at AFF for such a long while.
And I wanted to write an original story for once.
Then, I found this place, and well, now my wish can come true to post a story like this.
I do hope you guys enjoy this creation of mine, since I planned this out for a long time.


August 23, 2013

Oh my goodness, my poster and background just got made ♥
I just love the creator of these graphics.
She makes amazing things.
I requested this from AFF, since that's where her base is at.
Go check her out ^^
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this sounds really cute :3
can't wait to read it :D

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