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Y O U. layouuut. unic0rns? ; u ; ♡


layout gallery
1.) please subscribe if using a layout. upvoting is optional.
2.) don't be an asshole - don't steal or copy any of my layouts.
3.) you must comment on which layout you're using. please.
4.) tweaking or editing the layout is completely fine.
5.) always keep the credits on. really. if i catch you without them i'll rip your head off of your neck and chop your body into thin little pieces.  sounds fun? c;
6.) don't bash. i know i'm not the best layout coder here, but i try my best c;
7.) no requests ( it's a gallery )
8.) enjoy the layouts ; e ; < 3
you became the reason i breathe, only to suffocate me
23. 08. 13. + opened the layout gallery on FFO. first layout featuring hirunaka no ryuusei ; o ; check it out on AFF.



other places to visit:

PM me. tumblr. fuqbook. asianfanfics.






layout coded by sagacity.layout coded by sagacity.
do not steal the layout. pleash.
i do not own any of the pictures used . ( applies to layouts as well )
all of the pictures were taken from the shoujo manga "hirunaka no ryuusei" (it's not actually that sad; if you like shoujo or pretty drawings it's a must read ; w ; < 3).
like what i do? check out my layout tutorials.

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