Angels Fanfiction

I Would Like to Sing

by thegirlwholovesyou created on
Tags: original fiction angels
Chapters: 1 |

             After years of pushing,  Lucas -- a ... Read More

Forbidden Love

by stitch created on
Tags: romance angels demons forbidden
Subscribers: 2 |

Angel came from heaven. Knowing that she has a mission. : To go to the underworld a eliminate the demon... Read More

Hane [Complete]

by VMMJ90 created on
Tags: fantasy sliceoflife angels shortstory
Chapters: 1 |

"I'm dead," she gasped, "am I dead?"  The girl smiled with a shrug and helped her up to her feet. "Are you really an angel?" The girl stared blankly at her with a tilted head.  ... Read More

The Secret of Sapphire Wings

by Nightcore created on
Tags: yaoi romance supernatural angels originalcharacter
Subscribers: 1 | Views: 1100 |

  I've always been different from the rest, dangling just between normal and weird. People don't see me, don't pay attention to me. I was happy with that at first, but now the silence next to me ... Read More

lost [Members Only]

by teenidle created on
Tags: angels demons winchester jensenackles jaredpadalecki

  ... Read More

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