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((pic reads right to left))


Three crazy friends and not a care in the world, they tend to bend reality and have fun doing so. Akari, Koyuki, and Seito have a odd day to day life with one another, wether it be messing around, fighting, or just sitting around they always have a different way of living life, even if its super weair in witch they live it. Where will they go, what will they get into, guess you will just have to read and enjoy the ride with them.






My two friends and I came up with this when we where in hight school and i desided to draw some manga stripes. I dont have an exact story for it yet but I do have some random little manga strips and I hope you will like them. ^-^ 



Be sure to watch out on witch way they read!! when i draw on the computer with my drawing tablet i draw them Japaneses style going "right to left" but when i draw on paper i draw them American style going "left to right", but some of my old manga strip im re-drawing on the computer and still might be "left to right" so just look for the "arrow" or the type

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AthenaAkira  on says about chapter 6:
Instant napping. wwwwwww

AthenaAkira  on says about chapter 5:
My reaction when she drew out the leek.
"Miku's going to be happy to have a new friend." XD

AthenaAkira  on says about chapter 3:
It's so cute~ XD
if only the words are typed instead of write since it's be easier to read.

Jade6767  on says:
This is so cool

KanameXZero  on says about chapter 5:
ermagerd this is good XD

InfiniteTrisha  on says about chapter 5:
lol this is so cute and funny xD

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