i thought i saw...

by Minerva
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today i went for some shopping for my shoes. i went to this mall and i went for a stroll alone as i had found my item . i went to the second floor and went dpwn again . so bored . then,... i saw a group of boys passed on front of me. i faced to the ground but when i lifted my face, i saw rhis one boy. he looks so nice because. . . he looked like zelo . i prayed for a 'bump-into-him' even just for a minute . i wonder what colour his clothe ia for this year's celebration . when that stranger-boy realised i was staring at him , he blinked his eyes and followed his friends while looking at me . i was so shy that i ran away and continued my fantasy about meeting zelo there. it must be good . i wanted to show him my now-self. i am now always taking care of my appearance, worry about bumping into him ,somewhere ,... maybe. i really thought it was him but no . if i can stop the time...


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sardincapayam  on says about chapter 30:
the moment i saw 'minerva',my first thought was you.and then this piece of writing just confirmed it all.im sorry if you dont like me finding this but,i didnt search for your name.it just appeared in front of me!not my fault..still,the bed stayed empty.

FallinginFall  on says about chapter 30:
Ahh. I enjoy reading your updates. Don't worry too much, enjoy,life. Trust me, you'll move on,if you're meant to.

lgaretha  on says about chapter 27:
uhhhh, this is...
i wonder if every love story during high school ends up this way.
it's really good story anw hehe

allthereislove  on says:
interesting! I'm gonna read it :)

FallinginFall  on says about chapter 29:
It might happen. I went to the mall once and I saw my current crush (first time every seeing one of my crush out of school), it was so nerve wracking. Bit I was static.

Jade6767  on says about chapter 28:
Very interesting

FallinginFall  on says about chapter 27:
U make me think of my crush and I feel ya.

Girl I enjoy reading this about you because I'm in summer vacation right now and don't think I'll have a class with my tall, sexy, cute dimples/smile crush next year. And I only knew him for ONE freaking semester!!!!!
I understand how you feel and it makes me feel like we're comrades or something. I wish you could confess to him. I want you to sooooooooo badly! Just do it! I want you to be happy. It's weird, but your love story is sad and yet cute.

Fox-PigletMania  on says about chapter 1:
Interesting story.

byzelo  on says about chapter 1:
That's so cute... i-
omg i understands how you feel ; A ;
although i have no interaction with my crush whatsoever but sigh...

CheqBeah96  on says:
wow..... I really have to read this one...

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