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by yingjumeihua
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You, Me and the Monster.



My heart was pounding loudly; I was sure the monster could hear it too. It smiled in an almost evil yet satisfying way. Clearly, it was pleased that I was scared. I whimpered; I was trapped.




Disclaimer: This story came from my imagination and not from someone else's work. I have no intention whatsoever to copy anyone or plagiarise. If there is a story out there that is similar in any way, it is merely a coincidence. And also, please do not plagiarise.

An entry for HollowEchoes presents: 1st Trick Or Treat Fanfic Contest Event 2013 using Prompt #1 to which it came third.

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orchidsplash  on says about chapter 1:
read it!
thanks for your entry!
it's different than what i thought when i read the foreword.
results will be up soon!

byzelo  on says about chapter 1:
The beginning didn't really catch my attention but as I progress along, it gets better.

orchidsplash  on says:
hehe thank you for entering!
will read... when it's completed and after the contest ends. =]
good luck!

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