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there are seven billion, forty six million people in the world and we have the audacity to think we matter.
a collection of sucky poems & drabbles by yours truly.



No foreword posted.

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wonderwall  on says about chapter 6:
all of your works are so beautiful and well-written. i really really love it! < 3

LizDreamland  on says about chapter 2:
Good story author nim~!! Hwaiting~

RainbowHeart  on says:
I clicked into this because of the title. It made me pictured beautiful things-your words, I mean. Keep writing please!!! :)

meticulous  on says about chapter 3:
I love these. You write really well. My favorite is definitely the second one <3;; /creying

EmptyPromises  on says about chapter 4:
You write so well. These poems/drabbles are so, so good! You don't use much words but they turn out really nice because I'm able to visualize it all in my head. The pictures are very pretty. I especially like the line from the second one: "We may be broken, but not beyond repair". I don't want to come off as weird but I seriously /did/ see light over there.
So yeah. You write really well.

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