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You, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, Others


Case 1: Unhappily Dead (coming soon)

Marriage isn't always happy.

A young female ran down the street, her heart pounding so loudly it drowned out the sound of the cars driving past. Her muscles burned and ached, but she kept running, afraid someone was following her. She finally took a sharp right behind an old bakery into an alleyway. She stopped by the dumpster, her hands on her knees, panting. She looked down the road and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was empty. "Finally lost you," she mumbled as she lifted her hand to wipe the sweat running down her brow. If only she knew what was lurking behind her. It may have saved her life if she observed her surroundings better. A dark chuckle broke through the quiet air before the female fell lifeless on the cold asphalt below, not even having the chance to cry out for help.

This is where you come in. The female that had been murdered in cold blood was your only sister. Your parents were in complete shock when they heard the news. How could someone murder your sister? She had everything going great for her. A well paying job, a husband that gave her everything she wanted, a nice car. You just couldn't seem to wrap your mind around the thought. You had to get to the bottom of this and find out who murdered your sister. You marched right out of your home to go straight to the world's one and only consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Little did you know, someone was watching your every move.

Start (coming soon)


This is a major project that I will be working on throughout 2013 and will continue to do so until all the cases are completely finished, and solved. It's basically a whodunnit where you must solve mysteries alongside the sociopath, Sherlock Holmes, and his doctor, John Watson. This will be entirely mystery, murder, and angst. I don't plan on having any romance in this story besides the few people who assume that Holmes and Watson are a couple. (Which must be true. It just has to be.)
I plan on making different cases for you to go through, which will take a lot of time. Which means I will have to finish writing one case before I can create a new one to be solved. I hope you all will enjoy and if you have any ideas for a case to be solved please let me know in the comments below or through pm.

Cases (coming soon)
Extras (coming soon)
Help (coming soon)

**N O T E : Do not press the next button while going through the story. You must click on one of the options.

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splash  on says:
Woah. So I came back to FFO to check out how things are going and I decided to look up some Sherlock, since I just recently became a fan. Due to lack of said fandom on this site, I came across this and was immediately intrigued. The case sounds incredible and interactive? Hell yeah. Went to subscribe, and saw I was already subscribed. You intrigued me before I even knew what Sherlock was. I understand these things take time, and sometimes writing just doesn't come to you, but I will absolutely wait! It sounds amazing!

sarrizky  on says:
OMG PLS UPDATE SOON! The foreword got me! And I must say I couldn't agree more about John and Sherlock being a couple. I mean-- Johnlock ftw.

coffeeplease  on says:
really good omo

IIVEEH  on says:
HOLY POOP! *clicks the subscribe button*
I know Imma love this! Mystery? Angst? INTERACTIVE?!

-whatislove  on says about chapter 1:
i absolutely love sherlock.
so this story immediately caught my eye.
+ take your time. the wait will be worth it. c:

omgith  on says about chapter 1:
It's alright, take your time^^

//and disregard my last comment, I've actually watched Sherlock since then...XD

omgith  on says:
I've never seen Sherlock, but this seems so interesting I'll have to subscribe. I haven't come across many interactive stories, but they seem like fun^^

influx  on says:
the fact that there are sherlock things here in FFO made me sob with happiness.


sword2scabbard  on says:
Very nice stuff that you are planning here Sherlocked :) Just curious, but are most of these cases going to based off of the other short adventures of the Sherlock series in modern times, just like in the BBC show? But any other cases that deviate away from the original series would be awesome as well.

I look forward for the first chapter to be written! I shall subscribe and wait for any other updates.


thejoker  on says:
Heck yeah!!! 8) I can't wait for this!

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