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You, The Doctor, Others


You will be traveling through time and space with the Doctor as his new companion. With a sonic screwdriver in hand and a fez placed on top of your head, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with a madman in a blue box. Allonsy!

You all must be thinking, 'Really, Sherlocked. Another interactive story?' but yes, I am making another one and Team Tardis is here to help me out.

Note from TeamTardis: I am excited about working on Timelash with Sherlocked. Look forward to the first chapters in mid-January. (since we will have to write chapters and revise them together, but it shouldn't be too much longer. ^^)



          (coming soon)



N O T E : Do not click on the 'next' button throughout the story or you will be exterminated by Daleks. Please click on one of the options instead.

             This is a:

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-whatislove  on says about chapter 1:
can't wait. c:

RunnerGurl  on says about chapter 3:
So excited to go on an adventure with the Doctor!

Kay_tea114  on says:
Eleventh Doctor I'm guessing?

thejoker  on says:
I want to hum the Doctor Who theme song now~ :3

turtle  on says:
I look forward to this and Sherlock^^

whoviansonmars  on says:
I look forward to this!!! :D

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