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One day, he'll know.


And he's still going to love you.


Author's Note: I wrote this a while back when inspiration suddenly hit me. I could say it was just from the overwhelming feelings I had that day and this suddenly came out. It's nothing too special, but at least it carries the feelings I wanted to convey.

I never really a chance to post this anywhere until I came across this so I figured why not. Hope this hits something in you guys. 

My last word of advice to all you sunshines out there,

find someone who knows you more than you know yourself. 


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LalaMunawaroh  on says about chapter 1:
No comment,
This is soo sweet,
i want to have sweetheart like that :), maybe,, 'someday' hehe

mastermindriz  on says about chapter 1:
errr yeah. this is sooo sweet. eventhough i would disagree, saying how much i love spicy food ^^, and yes, it does convey massive amount of feeling. i do feel it. i have this thing of refusing anyone to look into me, like how i did to them cos i usually block them but seeing this make me think ... i don't think i'll allow anyone to know myself better than me :<

Ninaelneth  on says about chapter 1:
Oh this is really beautiful. I just, I dont know how to explain, your piece of writing was just so sweet and wonderfully written at the same time. <33

sakurafalls  on says about chapter 1:
wow this is really beautiful and sweeeeet and it just gave me this really nice, calm vibe. i feel at peace and relaxed. so thank you for writing this because one day i hope i'll find someone like him :D
((i would say this is more of a poem than a story c;))

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 1:
and sorry for number 4- it sounds really rude near the end of it. sorry

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 1:
okay a few things:
1- this story is well written
2- no grammar or spelling mistakes of any kind (probably because i suck at these things. lol)
3- this is really beautiful and very inspirational for others!
4- theres something i find really weird. some of these things are a lot like me. not telling you what.

yeah i think thats all i have to say. sorry for this long message

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